Criminals Beat DIY Alarms – Wireless System Jamming

After a recent article published by the Mail Online it has come to our attention that some customers may be concerned about the potential hacking or jamming of their systems.

In the Mail Online article, a hand-held USB stick was purchased online and configured to send a wireless jamming signal, rendering a DIY alarm system inoperable. Ken Munro, founder of Pen Test Partners, stated ‘Consumers should look for “two-way” systems, which means the alarms can detect jamming attacks like this one’.

The wireless systems installed by Lifeline are manufactured by Texecom. The wireless intruder alarm systems manufactured by Texecom contain Ricochet® mesh technology. Ricochet mesh technology utilises ‘two-way’ bi-directional communication between Ricochet enabled devices and the control system.

Ricochet enabled wireless devices receive and repeat wireless transmissions from other devices. The size, scalability and robustness of the entire system are enhanced, as wireless signalling is not limited by point-to-point communications and signals are automatically rerouted to avoid interference.

Ricochet enabled wireless alarm systems comply with the European wireless security standard EN50131-5-3 to Grade 2.

All Ricochet enabled systems are protected by sophisticated encryption algorithms. Any attempt to jam a Texecom wireless system is identified by the security system and the user is notified in accordance with EN standard requirements.

We can be assured by the fact that Ricochet complies with all of the security standards (unlike the DIY alarm system tested) and that in the real world it performs well compared to alternative wireless security systems. Articles like this one can be deemed as helpful for the security industry and its customers as it highlights the need for high quality, approved and professionally installed systems rather than the cheaper, do-it-yourself type systems.

This is just another reason why Lifeline customers can have total confidence that we operate to the highest standards, with NSI Gold Approval, meeting British and European Standards and partner with only the best manufacturers in the industry.

Read both ours and our manufacturer partners’ Texecom statement regarding system immunity.

Lifeline Jamming Statement

Texecom wireless alarm jamming immunity