Home Solutions

According to recent research, 94% of burglars would avoid a house with a monitored alarm.



Home Security Solutions from Lifeline provide home
owners with complete peace of mind.

Primary home owners and holiday home owners alike chose Lifeline to protect their valuable assets. In most cases home owners choose to have a combination of a Intruder Alarm System and or a CCTV System.

Intruder Alarm Systems can be either wired or wireless. New technology allows systems to be installed quickly and easily whilst still maintaining excellent levels of detection.

CCTV Systems act as a visible deterrent and also provide the home owner with remote connectivity from smart device applications. Ideal for keeping an eye on your property when you can’t be there.

Lifeline is NSI Nacoss Gold accredited. The first and only Isle of Wight Electronic Security Systems provider to receive this recognition. Systems are expertly designed and installed, monitored and maintained, so that you can have total confidence that the security provided to you by Lifeline is professional and independently inspected. It also means that when you need us, we are on call 24 hours a day, our staff are fully security screened and vetted, we abide by the latest British and European Standards and our systems are both Insurance Company and Police Approved.,br.

Domestic intrusion is still relatively rare, but never the less it is increasing. We encourage everyone to take security seriously and not to become another victim, make what ever security improvements you can. If one of those improvements is the installation of security systems, then contact the experts at Lifeline for total peace of mind.