Keep Safe & Secure this Christmas Time


With the holiday season now upon us, it is a good opportunity to review our safety and security habits. We receive reminders throughout the year, however there is no doubt, at this time of year we are at more risk of the devastating effects of fire or intrusion. This is true of both home and business owners.

Mans finds room burgled

To start with, many of us go away for the holidays leaving homes or places of work unoccupied for longer than usual periods of time. If this is you this year, then just take a few moments to consider how best to protect your premises. This might involve firstly limiting the number of people you tell. The more people that know you will be away the more chance the information might fall into the wrong hands. Random light timers will help provide the impression you are still home. Your living room can be like a shop window to a passing intruder, so keep valuables out of site, use curtains or blinds to make it difficult to see in.

Most of us place packaging from presents and gifts out openly on display ready for rubbish collection day. But don’t forget you are also showing off to all what is inside, what is new, so think of a way in which you can disguise or hide rubbish so as not to give too much information away. Even the lights we use to decorate the house can be a fire risk, along with phone chargers and other electrical items. So now is a perfect time to make sure your smoke alarms are checked, tested and in full working order, replace the batteries even if you think they don’t need it.

Business owners too need to consider that their premises might be unoccupied for longer than at any other point throughout the year. So when you close up for the holidays, make sure all of the none essential items are turned off, doors locked, alarms are set, key-holders are contactable ready for fast intervention to any potential issue.

Of course we look at things differently here at Lifeline, that’s our job and we have been doing this for over 27 years. The installation of CCTV Cameras and intruder alarms that can be smartphone app controlled has become one of our most demanded products. The ability to view cameras remotely, control the alarm and even set up schedules to turn lights on and off, even when they are away, provides people comfort and peace of mind.

Keep safe and secure all the time, but especially this holiday period. You can download our Free security checklist from