Home CCTV Systems

CCTV has long been recognised as a major tool in the fight against crime. Home CCTV is fast becoming a real asset and deterrent for home owners looking to protect their personal homes. Systems now produce 1080p High Definition images allowing remote access, viewing and recording by smart phone applications. These developments are making this advancement in technology one of the most effective tools for home owners protecting their property and surroundings.   Lifeline are experts in CCTV design, using the latest professionally manufactured systems from industry leaders. Lifeline are also partners with the worlds leading CCTV manufacturers meaning we can offer high quality at competitive costs.

More and more domestic home owners are turning to CCTV as an additional cost effective layer to securing their homes. Rather than low quality off the shelf D.I.Y. solutions, at Lifeline we provide professionally designed and installed CCTV systems. We provide the same level of detail and quality to domestic home owners as we do to commercial applications. So confident are we of our product choices and installations, we offer a 3 year warranty on products. 

Systems include;

  • 2, 4, 6 & 8 MP Resolution Cameras
  • 1080p HD and 4K
  • Long recording times
  • 25 Frames Per Second Recording Rates
  • Upto 50 Mtr Intelligent Infra Red
  • Remote Access
  • Smart Device App Integration



Intruder Detection iPad monitor


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ColorVu Provides 24 Hour Colour Images even in low lighting conditions

CCTV now offers the most amazing high quality images. Systems can provide both 1080p in various ranges of 2,4 & 6 mega pixel cameras, as well as 8Mp 4K picture resolution. Sometimes though, it just has to be full colour. Is this even possible at night or in poor lighting conditions?

The ColorVu Technology by Hikvision now provides a powerful ability to capture high resolution details in low lighting conditions. This comes from two specific breakthroughs in hardware technologies: 1. advanced lenses and high-performance sensors, coupled with 2. a supplemental lighting system for extremely dark scenarios, ColorVu cameras guarantee video with colourful details when you need them. 

The Key Benefits of Full-colour Video

True Color Information
– Accurate colour rendering
– Excellent performance in low-light environments

More Details
– Clearly captured colour information and richer details compared to black and white imaging

Better Visual Experience

– Balanced brightness
– F1.0 super aperture and advanced sensor guarantee realistic rendering

So when it just has to be colour, no matter what the lighting, then the HIK Vision ColorVu Range from the only Isle of Wight Official Partners, Lifeline, is the solution for you. Call us now on 521621 for demonstrations and free design consultancy.




A major concern in this modern world is Cyber Security. To ensure that weaknesses do not exist in CCTV networks, CCTV manufacturers have been encouraged to sign up to a new initiative. The Surveillance Camera Commissioner has launched Secure by Default – minimum requirements for manufacturers of surveillance camera systems and components.

It was driven by the need to ensure the UK’s resilience against cyber security vulnerability, as well as to provide the best possible assurance that cameras are manufactured to minimum cyber secure requirements. The minimum requirements are an important step forward for manufacturers, installers and users alike. Manufacturers self-certify their products as secure by default.

As HIK Vision Value Added Support Partners, we are delighted to be leading the way in delivering Secure By Default CCTV components. 

You can found out more about Secure By Default here.

Lifleine Systems - Hikvision Partner

Lifeline are the ONLY Isle of Wight based official HIK Vision Support Partner. This means you can be sure that…..

  • All products are genuine and not cloned
  • We will honour 36 month manufactures warranty (if originally supplied by Lifeline)
  • Will be installed with latest firmware
  • Are Secure By Default
  • All products have been procured through their authorised channels
  • All import duties have been paid
  • Engineers are officially HIK Vision trained
  • We have direct manufacturers design, marketing, installation and engineering support
  • We have access to dedicated demonstration suites

HIK Vision ColorVu from Lifeline

When it just has to be in colour

HIK Vision AcuSense From Lifeline

When accurate detection is essential

Video Door Bells

Video Door Bells or CCTV Door Bells are a new and simple way of keeping your front door secure. See, Hear and Speak to people at your front door.

A device fitted to your front door acts just like a normal door bell. The FREE App we supply allows you to see, hear and speak to callers at your front door. Using your WiFi service, the door bell connects to your smart device, tablet or phone. Compatible with Android and iPhone the video door bell sends crystal clear 1080HD images.The built SD Card slot allows you to record and keep a log of who has called. Mains powered through a 24v AC transformer, there are no batteries to charge or replace.

Video Door Bells are ideal for;

  • When you are waiting for a delivery
  • Vulnerable persons
  • People who travel a lot
  • Reducing unwanted callers

Call us now on 01983 521621 to arrange fore Lifeline to professionally install your new Video Door Bell from the worlds leading CCTV manufacturer HIK Vision.