Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detection

One of the main concerns of people today is the potential of what is known as the silent killers. These are Smoke & Carbon Monoxide.

Lifeline provide systems that include both wired and wireless Smoke Detection and wireless Carbon Monoxide detection added to the Intruder Alarm. Detection provides protection to your home both whilst you are home and away. Monitored systems send a signal to our monitoring station alerting you or the emergency services of an alarm activation.

Manufactured in partnership with Apollo, the Premier Elite OH-W combines world-class fire sensing with Ricochet mesh technology. Compatible with Premier Elite control panels (V2.11 and above), the Premier Elite OH-W optical and heat fire detector offers sensing of a wide range of fire types and provides the following outstanding features:

  • 85dB Sounder
  • Powered by 3 x AAA Batteries
  • Ricochet Wireless Mesh
  • 1.5 Year Battery Life
  • Stylish Design

Early detection, early warning and early intervention saves lives.

The Premier Elite CO-W detects and alerts to the presence of carbon monoxide. A built-in 85dB sounder provides stand-alone notification, while connectivity to Premier Elite control panels, via Ricochet mesh technology, provides system-wide alarms and remote communication.

Outstanding features include:

  • Constant CO Monitoring
  • Ricochet Wireless Mesh
  • Typical 4 year battery life (2 x 1.5v AA Alkaline Battery)
  • 10 Year Sensor Life Span