standard-title The End of the Line The planned withdrawal of PSTN Copper Telephone Lines.

The End of the Line

The planned withdrawal of PSTN Copper Telephone Lines.

Did you know, the year 2025 is set to see the end of the telephone line as we know it. BT Openreach has announced they are closing the copper wire telephone network across the UK for homes and businesses.

For over 20 years we have been using the traditional telephone network for our home and business calls, and more recently our internet. This network uses copper wires to transmit analogue and digital signals. More importantly it has also been used for security alarm signals. Traditional phone lines (PSTN) use a copper line to send the communication signal to the alarm monitoring company. The phone line is typically used by both the household and the alarm system.

What does this mean for your alarm?

Typically, many legacy intruder alarm systems have sent signals the Monitoring Centre via the telephone line. Those that do depend on just the copper telephone line will need to take some action. Telecoms companies throughout the UK are now installing full fibre networks to replace the traditional copper network. Already our local provider Wightfibre, is rolling out full fibre installations across the Isle of  Wight.

For several years now Lifeline have been at the forefront of technology. Since the late 1990’s, many of our systems have been communicating using the GPRS network and PSTN as part of a ‘Dualpath’ solution. Now, using ‘WorldSim’ technology our fire and security systems can signal to the monitoring station using the GPRS network only or a combination of this and IP.  A simple swap from your telephone to a GPRS unit, will provide you with continuity of service. The DualCom DigiAir utilises all mobile networks, via a WorldSIM, to signal an alarm from a protected premises to the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). Designed for low to medium risk premises, it is an ideal upgrade for wired digital communicators using PSTN telephone lines.


The Advantages

Now, with no exposed cable, your telephone line is no longer a vulnerable part of your security system primary communications path. Secondly, GPRS based systems will not incur any call charges and finally the communications will not be reliant on voltage from a telephone line.

We are dedicated to ensuring that your Fire and Security systems will continue to signal effectively even after the big switch off. Working in partnership with world leading communications experts, CSL Communications, Lifeline have been rolling out the latest GPRS signalling solutions for the past few years, with a partnership that goes back over 20 years.

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Modern high speed GPRS signalling solutions are the future for Fire & Intruder Alarm Signalling. Using World SIM technology, simple upgrades will future proof your system. 

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