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Corporate & Social Responsibility

Lifeline is a privately owned and highly valued and respected member of the business community here on the Isle of Wight. We believe that our engagement with people, the communities and areas in which we operate and the greater global environment is an integral part of our business focus. Our customers expect us to maintain the highest of standards and ethics in every aspect of our business especially those related to our Corporate and Social Responsibility. To support and endorse this we do not accept any form of exploitation, child labour or other vulnerable group, corruption or bribery. In addition we feel passionately about our planet and constantly review our business processes to ensure limited or zero impact on the environment. All of our policies regarding these obligations can be found on our Policies Page.

As apart of our commitment to the local business community, throughout each year members of the team at Lifeline take part in presentations to the local businessmen and women as well as public events. Events have included Cyber Crime conferences, ‘Practical Lessons for Better Business’ and Business Expo’s. Each year Lifeline also select a number of worthy charities or to provide ‘pro bono’ works for.

Every two years we have our Open Day in which we invite customers, VIP’s, dignitaries and support partners to showcase the best in the industry. This event has now become part of the business calendar. All in attendance enjoy refreshments, entertainment and an opportunity to see and meet all involved with the Lifeline team. At each event we raise money for our chosen charity. In 2016 we raised over £250 for Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance.

Supporting Local Charities

Lifeline are keen supporters of local charities and support the local business community in helping others. We help to support and sponsor events such as The Star Wars Premier by Wighfibre in aid of UKSA, Lifeline have made equipment donations to schools, clubs and other charitable organisations as well as supporting WightAid.

Food Banks

We are aware that we are living in difficult and challenging times. We are really pleased to be able to support local food banks such as Isle of Wight Food Bank and Pan Together by donating food parcel contributions each month. These are gifted by both the company and the individual team members.  Anyone one of us can fall on hard times at any moment, so we are extremely proud to give back to our local community.

Chamber of Commerce

Lifeline are huge supporters of the Isle of Wight Chamber of Commerce. Managers and Directors regularly take time out to support events, breakfasts meetings, Expos and other networking activities to assist the local business community.

Community Access Defibrillator

In July 2019 we collaborated with other local businesses Medina Foodservice, Buywise and Premier Ford to install and host a new community access defibrillator. This now makes it possible for even more people to respond to a medical emergency around the Riverway area where a defibrillator is required and part of an increasing-network of Defibrillators across the Island. The unit is mounted on the front of The Island Security Centre. To read the full story, click here.

Working With Wight Search and Rescue

Isle of Wight Search and Rescue (WightSAR) is a voluntary organisation that assist Hampshire Constabulary and other agencies in searches for vulnerable missing persons on the Isle of Wight. In August 2020, the Team at Lifeline Alarms & Security Services were delighted to present WightSAR with a brand new Thermal Imaging Search and Rescue Camera. Searching for vulnerable, missing or endangered individuals presents many challenges to the WightSAR team of volunteers. Among the variations in terrain and location is the ever fight against reduced visibility. This might be down to natural diminishing daylight, searches in the hours of darkness, fog, rain and even searches at sea. Now utilising latest Thermal Imaging Technology, WightSAR have a new weapon in the armoury. A brand-new thermal Imaging Camera donated by Lifeline Alarms & Security Services. You can read the full story here.

Teaming Up Against Scams

We are also delighted to team up with organisation like IWASP. The IOW Trading Standards Service originally joined forces with the Police, Fire and Rescue, Age Friendly Island and Citizens Advice Bureau to form a partnership called IWASP.  These organisations work together to better protect people on the Isle of Wight from scams, doorstep crime and fraud and to support victims. IWASP doesn’t intend to stop there though, and are expanding partnerships providing on-going support and information from a wide range of organisations and agencies, which now includes the multi award winning team here at Lifeline.

As partners we actively engage in passing on details about scams, fraudulent activity in order to help prevent crime. Our team are fully engaged in keeping the community safe from would be scammers and confidence tricksters.  

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