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CCTV Systems for Businesses

CCTV has become a highly effective and efficient business tool.

CCTV is now well recognised as one of the most effective methods in the fight against crime. New generation IP based camera systems however, provide so many additional benefits to the end user. Cameras can be programmed to count Footfall and provide Heat Mapping in retail environments. Object Appearance and Removal can provide solutions for Health & Safety Managers seeking to keep emergency exits clear

ANPR or LPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition or License Plate Recognition) can be used to trigger automatic outputs. Camera Tampering can be automatically detected, together with Image Fogging and Defocus. Face Detection provides full size image search facility based on all recorded facial images. Virtual Trip Wires and Intrusion Zones provide early detection of unauthorised activity.

Pure clear 1080p High Definition images are standard with all new Lifeline CCTV Systems. Out have gone grainy poor image quality and in are high quality 1080p HD images, raising to 4k systems where ultra-high definition is required.

User software and smart device apps all allow secure remote access to your camera systems no matter where you may be (subject to suitable connection). This means that you can view, control and record images all from a remote or site based location.

Each system is individually designed to suit its purpose and application using our dedicated design team and manufacturer partners. We consider the environment, camera views, image file size, recording archive time, lighting and frames per second to name just a few considerations. Bespoke designs are then submitted for client approval.

Lifeline are the only Official Isle of Wight based Partners for HIK Vision and Honeywell Security. HIK Vision are the worlds leading CCTV manufacturer with over 24%  world market share. Lifeline are honored and very proud to be the official HIK Vision Valued Added Support Partner for the Isle of Wight. This means you can be assured that when you buy through Lifeline you have full access to manufacturer support and warranty.

Whilst some businesses may claim to be able to offer HIK Vision or similar styled products, only Lifeline have the full backing and support of the manufacturers locally as Value Added Support Partners.  

Please note: HIK Vision only support product warranties through genuine authorised distributors and installers. Lifeline are an important part of that supply chain.


A major concern in this modern world is Cyber Security. To ensure that weaknesses do not exist in CCTV networks, CCTV manufacturers have been encouraged to sign up to a new initiative. The Surveillance Camera Commissioner has launched Secure by Default – minimum requirements for manufacturers of surveillance camera systems and components.

It was driven by the need to ensure the UK’s resilience against cyber security vulnerability, as well as to provide the best possible assurance that cameras are manufactured to minimum cyber secure requirements. The minimum requirements are an important step forward for manufacturers, installers and users alike. Manufacturers self-certify their products as secure by default.

As HIK Vision Value Added Support Partners, we are delighted to be leading the way in delivering Secure By Default CCTV components. 

You can found out more about Secure By Default here.

Lifeline are the ONLY Isle of Wight based official HIK Vision Support Partner. This means you can be sure that…..

HIK Vision ColorVu

For when it just has to be in colour.

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