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Frequently Asked Questions

“We are here to help and assist. These are some of the most frequently asked questions, however please contact us if you have any questions at all.”

Karinna Deller.

Question: Is Lifeline a national company?

Lifeline is a privately owned business run by the Lee family. Located at Newport on the Isle of Wight, it has a very strong loyal customer base and employs a team of Island based highly dedicated professionals with exceptional skills, attitude and ethics.

Question: Why should I choose an NSI/BAFE Third Party Accredited installer?

Before NSI Nacoss or BAFE Approval is granted to a fire and security company, it must demonstrate that it meets important criteria for approval including repute and experience of management, financial stability, insurance cover, secure premises and appropriate tools, vehicles and equipment. NSI also ensure, for example, that company personnel, including the engineers that may visit your home, are fully security screened and vetted.

Question: How does your Keyholding Service work?

We hold keys for properties under secure conditions. In the event of an alarm activation, a duty SIA licensed member of the team will attend your premises to investigate the cause of the alarm. You can read more about our keyholding service here.

Question: What actually is a monitored alarm system?

Commercial Intruder Alarm Monitoring ServicesBy this we mean an intruder alarm system that transmits signals to an NSI approved ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre) which provides twenty-four hour monitoring throughout the year.

Question: Is my data secure at Lifeline?

Lifeline are fully Cyber Essentials Certified. The only fire & security company on the Isle of Wight to hold this accreditation, you can be sure that your data is collected, stored and processed security. You can read more about our Cyber Essentials Accreditation here.

Question: What happens if I have a power cut?

All professionally installed systems have a main back-up battery. This battery ensures the system remains operational during power outages and in modern systems can power the system for at least 12 hours. When the power is restored, the system is usually designed to recharge the battery from the mains so that the battery continues to be able to provide back-up if another outage takes place. (Please note batteries may need to be replaced after extensive power outages)

Question: What does a Service & Maintenance Agreement Cover?

Service & Maintenance Agreements are designed to ensure that your Fire, Security or Life Safety System is fully operational and complying to both your needs and industry and legal standards. Agreements include physical support and service inspections, priority 24 hour support, as well as virtual remote support where fitted. In addition power supplies, detection devices, controls, communication & transmission paths are checked and firmware and security upgrades are all included as well. Visit frequency will depend on your type of system. Agreements do not include replacement parts or consumables such as batteries.  

Question: Why has my insurer insisted upon an NSI installer?

This is because insurers know that NSI rigorously audits the work of its approved companies against industry standards, thus lessening risk. NSI Gold approved companies have the highest standards and recognition in the UK.

Question: Is it correct that normal BT type telephone lines are being withdrawn?

Yes. The latest information published by BT Openreach, it planned that there will be no more copper based telephone lines, these being replaced by fibre. Additional information can be found here.

Question: Should I consider an Intruder Alarm that alerts me automatically?

Signalled systems are highly beneficial in many ways. Information signalled ‘off site’ means that a third party can be involved and intervene on your behalf. Action can be taken pro-actively rather than reacting on your return. Contact us for the many ways in which this can be accomplished, including signalling without a phone line and smart device app control.

Question: Do you operate from suitable and secure premises?

We are housed in a dedicated Security Centre. We welcome you to come and see the operations for yourself and meet the team. In addition NSI audits ensure that that we as an approved company operate from secure premises that are fit for purpose.

Question: I am looking for a company to maintain/service my alarm system, can you help me?

Yes, we would love to. If you would like independent confirmation of our credentials, please visit and search for an approved company in your area. Just type in your post code and select the type of service you require, for example intruder or fire alarm/cctv/access control. Lifeline regularly adopt systems for customers who have been seeking a higher and more reliable level of service.

Question: Are you financially stable and do you have suitable insurances?

Lifeline has been trading since 1990. As an NSI Gold Accredited company, NSI checks the company’s finances and insurances on application and continually throughout our approval.

Question: Why has my installer urged me to take up a maintenance or service agreement?

A maintenance and service visit shows that your alarm system is functioning properly. Audible-only alarm systems should be maintained once a year while a system that signals to an approved ARC needs to be maintained at least twice a year. An NSI approved company must provide a twenty-four hour emergency number for access to a duty engineer.