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Many of our clients chose to subscribe to our Keyholding Services. This means that you do not have to worry about who is on call, whether or not they are a lone worker, or simply if you trust your home or building to someone else. Simply put, in the event of an alarm activation, Lifeline staff will attend to investigate the cause of the activation, and carry out corrective action to the alarm system where possible and necessary. This has proved invaluable to many business and home owners who have properties on the Isle of Wight who need a keyholder they can trust.

This service is not designed to be a security guarding service, security patrols or method of apprehending would be intruders, but simply a convenience for customers to know that a professional would attend in the event of alarm activation.

Emergency contacts and escalation procedures are agreed prior to the commencement of Keyholding agreements.

Lifeline staff are on call 24 hours a day. So when you are away on holiday, out for a drink, off the Island or just wish to place the responsibility with someone else, Lifeline Keyholding Service is the answer.

Take the strain out of being a keyholder, contact us now for details or to arrange for keyholding services to your Lifeline Alarm.

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